Markkinointia ja sisällöntuotantoa

Visibility and marketing in Finland

Finland is as any European contries, except we have less than 6 million people living in Finland. So market to sell services and products is not so big, and basically in all the marketing, you need to use Finnish language.

We can help you to gain visibility

Our services consists of actually three (3) different companies, that all serve b-to-b sector in marketing and advertising. We can provide our services multilingual and the final marketing material in Finnish. This means that You can place Your order in one location and get served from multiple companies.

How can we assists You

1 Print material and taping

We have been producing printed material since late 1980s and we can provide companies with business cards, flyers, calendars, posters, stickers as well as also with tapes for the cars and business windows.

We have produced menus for restaurants, flyers and customer magazines etc. You can also have planning and design from us, not only producing.



2 Native articles and web visibility

One of current day visibility highway is Google. People are looking for answers in Google and we can assist also with this. We can produce websites, Facebook pages, Google advertising, Facebook advertising and native articles to be posted on different web sites including your services and products and links.

We can also plan and design the advertisements for you if needed.

A sample of this kind of native article for

And another for the same client:



3 Business help in finding location, creating contracts

We are to open a new service in 2019 for immigrants that are willing to open a business in Finland. This consultation service is not free but we can provide help in Finnish, Turkish, Swedish, English, Chinese, French, Arabic…..

These above services are just a start. We always look for long term partnerships were we can help each other. We also do have photo-and videographers that can create content in Facebook, YouTube…..

Take contact and ask for further details on how to start with us and get you more visible in Finland.